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    In order to strengthen the capacity of NGO personnel to coordinate with humanitarian systems in a manner that improves overall response to the needs of affected populations, the BBR project is implementing a series of workshops for NGO staff.

    The aim of these workshops is to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the international coordination system for large-scale emergencies and help participants identify where they can take action and engage directly within the system. During the workshop,case studies, interactive activities, and group dialogues are used to enhance the knowledge gained from the e-learning.

    The target audience for the workshops is staff from national and international NGOs engaged in humanitarian response who have elements of humanitarian coordination included in their job responsibilities, and who are committed to promoting coordination within their organizations.

    If you are interested in receiving more information about BBR workshops, please contact: bbr@internationalmedicalcorps.org.



    Locations of Previous Workshops

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